AHLERS & CRESSMAN, PLLC Makes Its Update Posts Available to all Subscribers and Updates Its Bond & Lien Claim Manual for 2011

Dear Client/Friend:

For the last two years, our firm has been providing its clients and friends with regular updates of new developments effecting construction contractors, owners, subcontractors and suppliers, engineers and others involved in the construction industry in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. The updates are distributed in the form of a “Blog” via email. The feedback from subscribers has been uniformly enthusiastic and positive. We have not formally advertised this service instead, to date we relied on word of mouth endorsement. We were surprised to learn that many of our friends and clients were not aware of our blog posts and therefore we are writing you because we noted that some of you have not taken advantage of this free service. We have added your email, as well as a link to our firm’s 2011 Lien and Bond Claim Manual for your use and perusal.

Before electronic communications took off, we published a newsletter in hardcopy form. Now we can give you virtually instantaneous updates of legislative, legal and other matters that we believe are of critical interest to your business. Our lawyers are constantly combing through legal precedents, legal articles and other publications to ferret out those significant nuggets of information which are of significance to our firm’s clients. We are pleased to be able to share those updates with all of you.

We are aware that email clutter is overwhelming all of us with data that is of little or no use. Unlike much of the email you presently receive, we believe that your subscription to the AHLERS & CRESSMAN, PLLC Blog will be of value and engaging to you and your employees. We encourage you to take full advantage of this offer.

We welcome you to this added no cost service, you can opt out of the blog posting by simply clicking where indicated below; otherwise we look forward to your feedback and comments.


Best Regards,


John P. Ahlers

Below is a link to our Bond & Lien Claim Manual for 2011 and some other popular posts we have posted in 2011:


Here are some fascinating internet photo compilations we have assembled which you may find of interest.

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