Wearing a Suit and Acting like a Creep Does Not Make the Guy a "Lawyer"

Just because someone happens to be wearing a suit and is acting like a jerk, does not mean he is a lawyer. Last month in Utah, a motorcyclist was struck and dragged underneath another vehicle. The vehicle then caught fire, while the motorcyclist lay trapped beneath it. Fortunately, heroic bystanders worked together to lift the vehicle off of the motorcyclist. The bystanders all pitched in with one notable exception. A guy wearing a suit simply watched the rescue.

A man, now forever known as the “Guy in the Suit,” stood around and watched. At one point, he even leaned against the car that the motorcyclist was trapped under! The entire scene was videotaped. While the video shows great heroism by (most of) the people of Utah to save a man’s life, if you watch the upper left hand corner, you’ll see the Guy in the Suit in action or inaction:

To see the video, click here.

The 21 year-old man trapped under the burning car, Brandon Wright, is a graphic design major at Utah State and, thanks to the rescuers who did step into to save him, only received multiple fractures to his right leg and pelvis and road rash. Even though he was not wearing a helmet, he did not sustain any head fractures and will be OK. To see the story on Mr. Wright’s return home, click here.

After the video was posted on YouTube, the Guy in the Suit was brutally criticized. “Mr. BillyDixon” came forward claiming to be the Guy in the Suit. Billy Dixon stated that “a guy came running to me and said he needed a lawyer and handed me five dollars so i [sic] was hired… once he hired me i [sic] coundt [sic] be apart of the rescue and as advice to my client he would be better off money wise if he died… so i [sic] did nothing cause it was my job to help my client.” Pretty devastating indictment of the legal profession.

Staci Zaretsky, a writer for Above the Law, has provided us “the rest of the story” not reported on YouTube. Ms. Zaretsky located and contacted a Mr. William Dixon, a personal injury lawyer in Utah. Mr. Dixon (shocked and apparently unaware of the online beating he was taking) explained to Ms. Zaretsky that he was not the Guy in the Suit because he is lives almost 400 miles from the accident. The Guy in the Suit is (likely) NOT a lawyer at all. It appears some prankster punked the legal profession (at least the personal injury lawyers.). Click here to read Ms. Zaretsky’s entire story.

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