Oregon Amends Contractors Licensing Statute so That a Joint Venture No Longer Must Obtain a Separate License if One of its Venturers is Licensed

The Oregon State Legislature, through House Bill 3699, has revised Oregon’s contractor licensing requirements so that it is no longer always required that a joint venture or partnership obtain a separate license to engage in construction activities. ORS §701.021 now provides that so long as a single member of a joint venture or partnership is licensed, the licensed venturer or partner holds the required specialty endorsement for the construction project in question, and the licensed venturer or partner’s name appears in the name of the partnership or joint venture, the entity will be considered licensed. A copy of the revised statute, which took effect July 1, 2010, can be found here.

Washington has a similar statute, RCW 18.27.065, which allows a partnership or joint venture to rely upon the registration of one of it partners or venturers, provided that the registered entity’s name appears on the registration.

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