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Change Orders

Washington Court Denies Subcontractor’s Claim Based on Contractual Change and Notice Provisions

The recent unpublished case, Cascade Civil Construction, LLC v. Jackson Dean Construction, Inc., et al.,[1] provides a legal justification for contractors to require a directive ...
Construction News and Notes

Antidiscrimination Clause Required in Public Works and Goods and Services Contracts­ –Effective January 1, 2024

            In July 2023, the Washington legislature passed Senate Bill 5186, which mandates inclusion of select antidiscrimination clauses in every state contract and subcontract for ...
Construction News and Notes

Insurer’s Broad Duty to Defend in Oregon, and the Recent Ruling in State of Oregon v. Pacific Indemnity Company

Oregon law mandates a broad duty to defend, requiring insurers to provide legal representation to their policyholders whenever there is a potential for coverage under ...

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