A+C Partner Douglas R. Roach Being Considered For Washington State Supreme Court Opening

Washington State Supreme Court Justice James Johnson is retiring at the end of this month, which creates an opening on this State’s highest bench.  Under the law, Governor Jay Inslee will appoint a jurist to fill that vacancy.  This firm is very proud and excited that our good friend and partner Douglas R. Roach is being considered for that exalted and honored position.  Douglas has met with the members of the Governor’s staff tasked with finding a replacement for Justice Johnson.

We wholeheartedly support Douglas in this endeavor and urge you to throw your weight behind him.  Douglas is an evenhanded self-made businessman who came up the hard way.  He understands both what it takes to run a company and what it means to work for others.  If selected, his absence will both leave a gap in our firm that will be hard to fill and will mean that Douglas personally will take a cut in pay.  Irrespective of these personal sacrifices, he is stepping up to the public service challenge, an indication of his commitment to the legal system and our social order in which the Supreme Court decisions weigh heavily.

Douglas’s Background.  Douglas Roach came from humble beginnings.  He started work as a carpenter, worked his way up to owning his own construction business, and ultimately paid his way through law school.  He graduated in the top 10% of his class and served as an editor of the Arizona Law Review.  Since passing the bar, Douglas’s career has been focused on resolving commercial disputes and construction matters.  He has tried cases both in court and in arbitration.  He is also active in law societies and industry groups.  Opposing counsel know Douglas as a firm but fair opponent.  Douglas has a sense of humor and, when he is not busy working, we can often find Douglas playing the drums in his jazz band or enjoying the great outdoors in the Pacific Northwest.

Douglas’s Qualifications as a Jurist.  Douglas possesses the highest standards of integrity in both his personal and professional life.  He is very knowledgeable about the law and willing to undertake in-depth legal research.  His writing is clear and cogent.  Douglas’s judgment is sound. He is able to make informed decisions that will stand up to close scrutiny.  He is both a fair and open minded individual, and has a welcoming demeanor.  He also possesses the quality of being a good listener.  He is courteous and respectful, but, when necessary, has the firmness to reign in a rambling lawyer, a disrespectful litigant, or an unruly spectator.

Why Douglas is an Excellent Candidate for this Opening.  In recent years, the court system has promoted many excellent lawyers to the bench.  Many of those jurists have excellent backgrounds in criminal law, constitutional law, family law, and public service; however, they lack the background on the issues that arise in commercial litigation.  Douglas brings that knowledge and experience to the table.  For workers and business owners whose issues involve commercial matters, it is important to have the cross section of experiences that includes commercial matters. Douglas has that background.  He has the ability to communicate with others calmly and courteously, as well as the willingness to listen and consider all sides of a debatable proposition.  Douglas has the firsthand experience with commercial matters to make a difference on the Court.  He has demonstrated his ability to perform a heavy workload as an active lawyer and actually looks forward writing legal briefs.  As a result, he enjoys a positive reputation in the legal and professional community.

What You can do to Support Douglas.  As is clear from this article, we believe that the citizens of Washington would be well served to have Douglas fill the Supreme Court vacancy.  If you would like to express your opinion to Governor Inslee on this matter, please contact Mr. Nicholas Brown at nicholas.brown@gov.wa.gov. Mr. Brown is part of Governor Inslee’s selection committee.  Taking a few minutes to write to Mr. Brown will ensure that your voice is heard in Olympia and that a candidate who can relate to your issues will be considered.

Thank you Douglas for stepping up!

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