Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Construction disputes are complex and often involve payment/collection matters, surety issues, and construction claims, therefore it is critical to be represented by a law firm with extensive background in construction and business law. AC+S lawyers understand that business-like settlement negotiations are usually an effective means to resolve a dispute and at all stages we explore settlement possibilities via alternative dispute resolution. Drawing on our firm’s experience, our lawyers will identify the right dispute resolution process and neutral for each dispute. As your attorneys, our job is to achieve a favorable outcome as inexpensively and efficiently as possible.

If a formal trial, arbitration, or appeal proves necessary, we are ready to pursue that route and have a history of obtaining favorable awards, verdicts, and judgements. We try cases covering a broad range of problems that arise out of any sophisticated construction project, such as timing and cost of completion issues, design defects, or wrongful termination. In all proceedings, our sole objective is to protect the present and long-term interests of our clients.

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