ACS Obtains Overwhelming Jury Trial Victory for General Contractor Client

ACS is pleased to share news of our recent $19.2 million victory for a general contractor client after a lengthy virtual jury trial involving the Nexus condominium project in downtown Seattle. On Tuesday March 22, 2022, ACS obtained a jury verdict awarding significant damages to our general contractor client and denying nearly all damages claimed against our client by the project owner.  The 28-day jury trial commenced via Zoom on January 24 and involved testimony from more than two dozen witnesses on more than 185 discrete change issues and subcontractor pass-through claims as well as counterclaims from the owner for liquidated damages and other damages.  Amazingly, after only two days of deliberating the jury reached a verdict resolving all claims overwhelmingly in favor of our general contractor client. 

Our client was awarded $19.5 million on its claims totaling $20.6 million and largely defeated the owner’s counterclaims of $4.3 million, with the jury awarding only $318,000 to the owner.  This results in a net judgment of $19.2 million in favor of our client.  The ACS team, along with the client, worked incredibly hard on this case.  The team includes lawyers Scott Sleight, Saki Yamada, Kristina Southwell, Cam Sheldon and paralegals Christina Granquist, Cydney Fermstad, Auzree Hightower, Amy Capell, Samina Helsley and Bernadette Bresee.

This trial was a colossal undertaking because it involved a staggering number of change issues that needed to be presented and explained to the jury in detail along with other claims and issues.  However, ACS and its client were up to the task and excelled in engaging and educating the jury.  ACS is very proud to have been given the opportunity to present this case and we look forward to assisting our client through the post-trial process.  This is the third overwhelming jury trial victory that ACS has obtained for general contractor clients in the past three years.

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